iDamage-Pushed App Reviews

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Invaluable for hail chasers! It would be nice to have directions to the storm damage location

A handy tool

Extremely handy, not just for push notifications for tornadoes, wind, and hail, but for convective Wx outlooks and meso discussions. I recommend! You want directions Troyboy39? This is on a friggin google overlay for petes sake!!!!! Figure it out!!!!!

Dont change the OS REQUIREMENTS

Normally 3-4 stars because it does what it claims, but with the latest upgrade, it will not run on my iPad or iPod Touch because I am not running iOS 4 (and cant). NEVER change the requirements to a higher OS on a program that is push upgraded, it forces the program not to install for some people. I now had to dig through my backups to find the previous version which did run, I just have to remember not to upgrade this program.

Worked great for about 1 hour...

Love the program, but after an hour it quit showing anything on the map or text! Any ideas? Love the program! The program DIDNT stop working, it was that "z" day rolled over at 8am, in my case. So data was blank, as nothing (damage) occurred yet! Hope this helps others! By the way, the history feature is great!! Keep up the great work on this app! Jack

Release a 3.1.3 version

This app works great, and a requirement for anyone that lives in tornado alley, as I do. But the makers need to release the older version for those who do not want to upgrade to 4.0....2 stars until then...sorry

Great app

This app is awesome and I would highly recommend it. It would be sooooooo much better if you could display the current radar on the map. Once thats done - Ill give it 6 stars

Great app

I storm chase and use this in conjunction with other apps to five me all the info I need. Keep updating with improvements. Thanks!!


I got push note. From other states,this is not good

Good app!

I do like this app a lot though I have not seen the new version yet. Looks to be great though. Ive used iDamage to pinpoint Tornados, wind and hail several timesalready and it helped every person in my work building as well as myself. I was also able to warn several family members not with me, thanks to the iDamage warnings. I do wish flood warnings and watches would be added to the pushpins for the pan and zoom map as there have been so many floods, damage and loss of life in so many different areas. I would find it a valuable tool since we have had area flooding two years in a row. Once added, there will be five bright stars from me!

Not there yet.

Needs to be more polished. I cant figure out how to just use the app right out of the box.

A must have for storm chasers!!!

The only thing that i would like to see happen is to be able to choose an area and be able to have a list of previous dates when the area had a hail storm. Being in the roofing business thats what I need to better find hail damage areas that others may not know about

Still great

There is nothing like this out there. The push functionality, which is configurable, is really the heart of the program. Professionals always know what is going in with damage caused by severe weather. Now if they can push warnings/watches with separate configuration......oh and pleeeeeeeaaase develop an iPad app. Still the best out there.

A must have for weather buffs!!

The best weather app there is! All the info you need to spot, chase and predict!! Now, please make available for the iPad!! Then its perfect! Thanks for such a cool app at such a low price!


good but not enough .. why does it have to take at least 50 mnts to find out theres a tornado 10 mnts away from me .. :/ I could die waiting on ur response


This app is very unique and works really good. Use it all the time and does exactly what it says. Someone definitely put a lot of effort into building this app. Thank you for the iPad support update!!!

Great app but...

There are 2 things that are really annoying. First, the map does not stay zoomed to where you put it. It would be nice if I open the app and it is already on my area instead of the whole US. And second, you need to be able to set a radius around your area so you arent getting these messages from far away that do not pertain to you. I want to be notified of things about 30miles from me, not the entire state or multiple states. Other than those 2 suggestions the app is perfect.

Needs more work

This is a decent app for a buck, but it falls short in basic user interface structure. Feels clumsy bouncing around trying to find the features. It has some nice novelty functions though. For a dollar, I wont complain too much...but as a serious weather app, it just needs some more work. Keep up the good work!

Love it!

Love the alerts. I can get them for several different areas, even rural areas! Alerts can be quieted at bedtime. Also love the forecast section, gives you probability for several different scenarios. Great app!


I use this app almost daily. Definitely worth more than $2 .In my line of work, just having this app available to me, makes owning an iPhone a No-Brainer! Keep up the good work Update V8.1.1 Appreciate the added functionality to switch to satellite view from map mode. Great stability. Quick response on issues. Thank you.

Excellent App!

LOVE the push notifications and the selectable pins on Map. Live NOAA forecast maps are very good too. Requested improvements would be for more granularity on specifying which alerts I want to receive (for example, YES to Tornado, Hail & Wind for my area - but also Tornado Only for my State). But still, for a $2 app, Im pretty happy with what the program provides already.

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