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iDamage-Pushed app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 4928 ratings )
Developer:, Inc.
2.99 USD
Current version: 23.0, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 11 Mar 2010
App size: 5 Mb

iDamage pushes thunderstorm damage reports originating from trained spotters, emergency responders, and members of the public to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (in native resolution). If you chase tornados, hail, or high winds for a living, or volunteer to assist your community during severe weather events, or just want to improve your situational awareness on days when storms might pop up, iDamage is the app for you.

Here are its features:

Storm total precipitation feature allows you to view the latest storm total precipitation radar image (if available) as a map overlay (568 point display height devices and iPad only). Hail will typically cause precipitation to be overestimated. The larger the hail, the greater the overestimation. This behavior may, in conjunction with damage reports, help you determine the path of a hail storm.

- Push notification of storm events, oftentimes including very specific damage reports. Coverage area includes the entire Contiguous (Lower 48) United States.

- User-configurable filters allow you to receive notifications for the entire Contiguous US, an entire state, a local area, and/or for specific types of severe weather (tornado, hail, high wind). Use the auto-location feature of your mobile device to set a filter if you are traveling and not sure of your general location.

- Filter push notifications by hail size

- Optional alternate push alert sound for hail events

- Map of storm events with color coded pins. Timeframes are 3-hr, full day, or archival (back to 29 Feb 2004). Touch any pin for access to details. iPod Touch users, data from your last view is cached for off-line use.

- Filter Map View by event type and hail size

- List of storm events in table form. Touch any cell in the table for a single pin street or hybrid map view.

- Link to the "Maps" app on your home screen so you can get directions to the approximate location of severe weather events.

- Storm reports may be e-mailed from within iDamage.

- 24 hour (with radar animation + watch boxes), 2-day, 3-day, and 4-8 day convective (thunderstorm) outlook with probability maps and technical discussion.

- Mesoscale discussions with maps

- Convective weather watches with maps.

- Local hazardous weather products (including watches and warnings), selectable by touching a location on a map or via auto-location.

- Combined radar frame/tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood warning box display.

*** NOTE: Watches and warnings are NOT pushed. iDamage only pushes reports of thunderstorm (convective) events. Tropical and extratropical systems may not generate reports.

- 9 pm - 9 am silence switch in Settings view. Push notifications will visually display, but alert tones are silenced.

- User customizable startup functionality.

- iDamage has wildfire capability! Get a map of satellite thermal anomaly detections plus public wildfire reports.

All weather data presented by iDamage is from the National Weather Service and not subject to copyright protection., Inc. is not affiliated with the National Weather Service.

Latest reviews of iDamage-Pushed app for iPhone and iPad

Invaluable for hail chasers! It would be nice to have directions to the storm damage location
A handy tool
Extremely handy, not just for push notifications for tornadoes, wind, and hail, but for convective Wx outlooks and meso discussions. I recommend! You want directions Troyboy39? This is on a friggin google overlay for petes sake!!!!! Figure it out!!!!!
Dont change the OS REQUIREMENTS
Normally 3-4 stars because it does what it claims, but with the latest upgrade, it will not run on my iPad or iPod Touch because I am not running iOS 4 (and cant). NEVER change the requirements to a higher OS on a program that is push upgraded, it forces the program not to install for some people. I now had to dig through my backups to find the previous version which did run, I just have to remember not to upgrade this program.
Worked great for about 1 hour...
Love the program, but after an hour it quit showing anything on the map or text! Any ideas? Love the program! The program DIDNT stop working, it was that "z" day rolled over at 8am, in my case. So data was blank, as nothing (damage) occurred yet! Hope this helps others! By the way, the history feature is great!! Keep up the great work on this app! Jack
Release a 3.1.3 version
This app works great, and a requirement for anyone that lives in tornado alley, as I do. But the makers need to release the older version for those who do not want to upgrade to 4.0....2 stars until then...sorry
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